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On Pointe Movie

by Tati & Anthony Vogt – featuring Juliet Doherty

In this dance film, a teenage girl must convince herself and her mother she has what it takes to make it as a professional ballerina.

The Story On Pointe tells a compelling story of a mother and daughter struggling to define themselves. The story follows Paige, a young ballet dancer, as she prepares for the biggest audition of her life. At the same time her mother, Lynda, tries to come to terms with her looming divorce. Paige feels her mother is holding her back from her dreams. Lynda fears her daughter may repeat her own mistakes and endanger her future.

Why We Need Your Support In order to make this film`the best it possibly can be we need your support. $15,000 is the minimum we can raise in order to make this film. But in order make this film the absolute best it can be we will need any and all support you can offer. Once we raise our minimum goal, we need as many backers as possible to push this film on to achieve all our goals and make it something incredible that will truly change people's lives.

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