YAGP San Diego 2016

Congratulations to all our dancers who participated in YAGP San Diego semi final 2016. Because their amazing performance once again we were awarded with Outstanding School Award. Thank you for a great representation: Aubree Dagilis, Tatum Quinonez, Alexa Rose DiMuro, Josi Mattoon, Anjali Wilson, Sophia Lucia, Ava Maskin and William Jackson Beckham.

  • Ava Maskin 3rd place in contemporary and top 12 in classical in pre-competitive category.
  • Josi Mattoon 2nd place in classical and top 12 in contemporary junior category.
  • Sophia Lucia 1st place in contemporary and top 12 in classical junior category.
  • Alexa Rose DiMuro top 12 in classical senior category.
  • William Jackson Beckham Grand Prix winner in Senior category.
  • Sophia Lucia and William Jackson Beckham 1st place in Ensemble category for both duets!

It was a very happy and successful weekend!