Congratulations to all Master Ballet Academy dancers, who got to compete YAGP 2017 Finals in NYC. We are very proud of all of you.

Special congratulations to:

  • Madison Penny (12 years old): Grand Prix Winner! Competitors from 32 countries.
  • Avery Gay (12 years old): 1st Place in Classical Pas de Deux
  • Mya Kresnyak and Jack Beckham: 1st Place in Contemporary Pas de Deux

In addition, congratulation to all YAGP semifinals achievements including:

  • Phoenix: 7 ensembles 1st Place, Mya Kresnyak Grand Prix Winner senior division, Annabel Pickering 1st Place Classical, Ashlyn Mae 2nd Place Classical, Alicen Carter, Catherine Lukner, Jaden Alaia Grimm 2nd Place Classical Junior Division, Natalia Chersia, Avery Gay, Sophia Johncox, Joel Dichter 1st Place, Brian Hooper 2nd Place, Avery Gay 1st Place Contemporary, Isabella Padilla 1st Place Classical Pre-Competitive, Misha Broderick 3rd Place Pre-Competitive, Breckin Rosciszewski 2nd Place Contemporary, Outstanding School Award to Master Ballet Academy
  • Denver: Madison Penny (Youth Grand Prix Winner), Alexandra Hoffmann, Genevieve Carlson, McKenzie Thomas, Alexa-Rose DiMuro, Outstanding Teacher Award to Irena and Slawomir Wozniak
  • Seattle: Reina Stamm, Ryan Williams, Ava Maskin (1st Place Contemporary), Ensemble 1st Place, Outstanding Choreographer Award to Albert Blaise Cattafi
  • Las Vegas: Tia Wenkman 2nd Place Classical, Sarina Martinez de Osaba, Myka Field
  • Salt Lake City: Amber Skaggs 2nd Place Classical, Alexandra Hoffmann